What is BRIKKS?

Our turnkey business solution BRIKKS manages the entire value chain from marketplace to end customer, via advanced business processes, to automatic control of underlying network equipment.

Gigabit in Lund

The city of Lund has the fastest broadband network in the world, managed entirely by the Labs² business system BRIKKS. Residents have the option of ordering Internet at an impressive 1 Gbit/s via the ordering portal. The connection is then made in just a few seconds fully automatically through the BRIKKS integrated network control system.

Work commenced in 2006 by Labs² and Cisco. Currently more than 5,000 homes have the possibility of a gigabit connection and by the end of 2008 around 67 % of all apartments in Lund will be able to enjoy gigabit subscriptions.

The next phase of the project which is already underway involves the establishment of the next generation of wireless networks. Initially the wireless network will be offered to a number of selected locations in Lund city centre at an exceptional speed of 540 Mbps or more than 60 times faster than the best 3G technology currently available in Sweden.

Lund which boasts many cutting-edge companies in the field of mobile communications is ideally located for developing the full potential of this wireless infrastructure. The aim is to cover all key areas in the inner city within one year.

The Arena Project

As a part of the concept we have connected Lund's new sports arena to a high speed connection. The arena also has a 540 Mbit/s wireless ascess for spectators, staff and the press. Some of the handball matches are filmed and broadcast in high quality on the broadband network.

Principal partners


The communications operator that runs the open network and offers all service suppliers access on equal terms. ViaEuropa is the company that enters into agreements with property owners who want to offer “the world's best broadband” to its residents.


The supplier of the advanced network hardware (both for fixed and wireless) that turns the powerful network into a reality. Cisco also works close to the project by providing advice and design in order to ensure that these incredible speeds can actually be offered in the best and most reliable way.


All logic in the solution is handled by BRIKKS in the shape of an "end-to-end solution". ViaEuropa, the service suppliers and end customers can handle all their needs via two different web-based interfaces (one for administration and one for marketing). For the end user this means, for example, that they can order Internet subscriptions and other digital services via the ordering portal. Connection is then made in just a few seconds, fully automatically, through BRIKKS.

The service suppliers

All service suppliers are already welcome today on equal terms and the portal has a large selection to choose from (www.viaeuropa.se). The end users can purchase services such as Internet subscriptions (up to 1,000 Mbps) and IP-telephony, IPTV and VoD from a range of suppliers. In addition, there are attractive security services and innovative camera based surveillance services. New services are being added regularly.


Field test with WiFi hotspots in central Lund.