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OpenGiga in Germany (powered by BRIKKS)

ViaEuropa Deutchland Gmbh launches the much awaited Open Giga to finally start the open fiber revolution in Germany. At the Technical museum i Berlin an eager group of journalist learned about the way for Germany to move forward with open fiber. Based on the Open Service Exchange Operator model (the OSEO) invented by ViaEuropa in 1999, VEDE will now support the German cities and regions so that the fiber can be build and owned by the public sector and VEDE adds the active network & operations so that any service providers on equal terms can launch and sell services to the connected households.

The reception the new model have been a strong interest, its a good thing that the most proven BSS / OSS for OSEO is ready to handle any demand. Based on the BRIKKS VEDE will be able to deliver not only high quality and automated operations but also a very high level of fiber rent so that municipals can recover their investments and reinvest until there finally is fiber to all!

Follow the progress: